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100 Tacos Hunger-Buster Spicy Hat

$33.00 / Sold Out

It goes on your head, supports an independent concept, AND helps fight hunger. How?...Every hat purchased will provide food for TWELVE MEALS to hungry children, individuals, and families with a $3 donation to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, where $1 = 4 meals.

There's a really nice waxed canvas 5-panel camp style hat in Brown (not pictured) or Navy Blue.

There's a nice, lighter weight, 5-panel cotton Ripstop camp style hat in Khaki.

Sorry, no rope hats this time. ;(

Shipping anywhere in the USA is only 6 bucks.
Shipping anywhere else in the world is 18 bucks.
Local pickup in Los Angeles? Sure. Use code "GSCismyLBS" to skip the shipping.

Tim Willis brought the visual language to life,
Goth Brooks stitched these hats up in Ojai, California.