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Yanco & 100 Tacos Cycling Musette Bag (Salveged Filson Heavy Canvas)

$125.00 / Sold Out

Edition of 9.
5 already trickled out, so here's 4 for sale.

One of my favorite bags, made with a real special material. Each bag is unique. My friend Jake Ricker rescued this beautiful fabric from the Filson dumpster in Seattle about a decade ago. It's a heavy (Heavy!) canvas covered with brushstrokes of dye all over it. Legend has it- they used these big pieces to cover the ground when dying materials in the factory. Jake passed it to Kyle, and Kyle passed it my way when we had to move out of the garage behind Golden Saddle Cyclery (RIP).

As always, they're hand-made by Yanco Customs in Los Angeles, California.

This is version 4.0 of our bag. Purposefully holds a couple 12" vinyl records. It has a stabilizing strap, with a small, strong, metal g-hook, which can be worn across the heart. It works wonders when you're on the bicycle, by completely eliminating the bag from sliding in front of you while riding. Or, if you want to wear the bag lower while off the bike: the clip & strap can be hidden behind the bag. They are designed for left shoulder / right handed use.

Shipping is $10 in the USA, and $25 around the world.